Meet Steve Lover

My name is Steve Lover and it has been my privilege to coach some extraordinary people since 2006.

My practice is built on a few strongly held beliefs:

  • If you don't figure out your marketing soon, you won't have a business left.
  • Business is the best way to serve others in the world.
  • Your business is a mirror of you, the leader.
  • The thing that has made you successful until now is getting in the way of your future growth.
  • If you're like most people, you probably underestimate your abilities by a long shot.
  • If you are not experiencing fear and doubt, you are not playing a big enough game.

I have a unique ability to affect others' thinking through speaking, coaching and writing. I have worked in Fortune 100 companies in both sales and management and have had the honor of speaking to many business organizations and companies. I quickly cut through all the stories to get to the core issues at hand.

I am insanely curious, think out of the box and love finding a fresh way of approaching challenges. I am passionate about serving and believe it is the single best way to find success in every definition. I look for clients that are involved in inspiring projects and business models.

If you are interested in finding out more about coaching:

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