How I work with people

Coaching is not therapy. It is not remedial. It is not a way to "fix" your problem. It is a way to create space, vision, and clarity. I don't have a template that my clients go through. Every person is unique and deserves to be treated accordingy. The work we do together is a remodel and upgrade of your personal operating system.

My coaching is not for the timid. We take an honest look at everything. We ask insightful and penetrating questions. New strategies and outlooks emerge from our discussions. Life changes! And it changes without stress and pain. You bring the desire, courage, coachabilty, and bias for action.

I bring an ability to cut through all the stories and get to the essence, an insane curiosity, and a powerful vision that helps you see new insights and opportunities.


One on One

Your business is an important extension of your life. Every business is a mirror of the business owner or CEO. When you make adjustments and changes to your thinking and actions, your business changes.  

You talk, I listen, ask and suggest. We move you forward.

Small Business Group

This group is limited to 12 buiness owners. Each month we discuss together business challenges and opportunities. Each month one business is on the hot seat where we collectively bring ideas and feedback to help the hot seat member grow and improve their business.

Lasting friendships are built and huge impact is felt by the business owner.

Business Academy

This program is for a business owner that is not interested in the itimacy of 1 on 1 coaching nor the visability of the group.  

The online subscription program is a monthly platforms that deals with building a business. Any business owner that struggles with finding enough leads or how to convert them into customers will find an incredible amount of resources here.

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